Dear LA Jewish Community Member-

The initial disruptions of COVID-19 are quickly becoming a way of life, but are we prepared for what may be on the horizon? Hopefully you or your organization will consider joining our initiative I Can Help! for Jewish community assistance that will likely be needed with COVID-19.

Local Jewish leadership and institutions have been heroic in the additional hours and extensive consultations they have had with infectious disease and public health experts, and the impossible decisions they have had to make. Now that difficult stage is done, hopefully they will be at the forefront of spearheading a coordinated meaningful proactive response.

We have formed a “task force” called I Can Help! to make sure that our community is caring for those most isolated and at the greatest risk. The vulnerable elderly and those who are isolated who would benefit from regular check in calls, but who may need more vital support to access food, supplies, medicine, medical care.

When we see long lines at markets, businesses shutting down, empty shelves and limited supplies of essential items, we can’t help but wonder how those who are frail and with limited access to the outside world amongst us will cope. We need to be prepared for the potential tsunami of urgent need for community support.

The links for the forms that our “task force” created are below. The basic idea is to match those in need with those that are able to volunteer. Note that this is a community wide effort, across denominations and institutions.

In Health,

Rabbi Yonah Bookstein
Dorit Nelson
David Pack
Dr. Matthew Lefferman